Matsamo Masters Embarrass Central Masters

Mduduzi Nkosi | KaMhlushwa


Ladies competing at the Mayoral Sports Development Cup at Kamhlushwa Stadium before the Masters game

Matsamo Masters FC embarrassed the confident Central Masters FC in their Mayoral Sports Development encounter at Kamhlushwa stadium. Central Masters were hoping to easily cross to the next round of the tournament after realising that the draw would be placing them in a contesting spot with Matsamo Masters. When the game started things were the other way round as Matsamo Masters dominated the game from onset. With the high percentage of ball possession, Matsamo Masters got themselves an early goal which triggered the Central Masters to organise themselves quickly after conceding the first goal. Central Masters came with an equaliser at about 15 minutes after conceding. The goal helped them to regain their confidence for a short period as Matsamo Masters didn’t disappoint to quickly net the second goal. Soon after the second goal, they hammered the third which prompted them to go to the intervals leading the scoreboard by 3-1. After the half time, Central Masters regrouped themselves and began to swap few positions. With the new combination they had on the second-half, things began to work on their favour as they dominated the ball possession and netted the second goal. You would swear that they irritated bees from their own hive because Matsamo Masters retaliated by firing fireworks and adding two more goals in a space of 10 minutes. In about 15 minutes before the full time, Central Masters fired a third goal but you would hear some people in their benches ululating Matsamo Masters to reinforce their squad because the other teams were perceived to be too strong. The full-time match ended with Matsamo Masters walloping Central Masters 5-3. Matsamo Masters & Legends will face Boschfontein Masters & Legends in their next encounter at Naas stadium. The Masters’ game played after a few games of ladies soccer that were played at Kamhlushwa stadium. Nkomazi Local Municipality spokesperson, Mbuso Malale, said that they are happy to see the tournament going smooth without complaints from the participants. Malale also invited football lovers to come and support their teams in the stadiums to make sure that they witness whatever happens to their respective teams.